Gangula Kamalakar: No matter where Nani was born, he became a child of Telangana after ‘Dussehra’: Minister Gangula

Karimnagar Brahmotsavam, Kalotsavam, Vijayotsavam
– There is power in the waters of Maneru, there is greatness in the culture of Telangana
– The greatness received by Dadasaheb Palke, Jnanapeeth belongs to Karimnagar
– Hit only if the Telangana language is present from the stage of use of Gundala characters. To the stage
– Minister Gangula Kamalakar congratulated the Dussehra unit members
– The Dussehra event came out wonderfully with the efforts of Minister Gangula Kamalakar – Hero Nani
Minister Gangula Kamalkar said that Karimnagar has become a venue for Brahmotsavam, art festival and victory festival. Minister Gangula spoke as the chief guest at the Dussehra film success event held in Karimnagar on Wednesday. He said that there is a power in Maneru water and there is a great thing in Telangana culture, our Sirisilla child who drank Maneru water with Venu Balagam and Pedpadelli child Srikanth Odela showed the power of Karimnagar with Dussehra. Kasarla Shyam wrote great songs and brought the culture of Telangana home. He said that actor Nani has become our Telangana child wherever he was born after the Dussehra movie, Telangana language was given to goondas in the past and today Telangana language has come to a situation where there are no movies. Minister Gangula Kamalkar said that Karimnagar has been the lifeline of cinema from the generation of the same generation to the present generation like Paidi Jayaraj who received the Dadasaheb Palke award from the joint Karimnagar district and Sinare who received the Jnanapeeth. Minister Gangula wished all the members of the film unit Dussehra. 

Hero Nani said in this program.. Karimnagar energy is amazing. Special thanks were given to Minister Gangula Kamalakar who contributed to the success of the event. Nani said that he will plan to shoot here soon as he is impressed by the wonderful development and natural beauty of Karimnagar. ‘Mahanati’ ‘Dasara’ It rains money near the box office. This movie became Nani’s career high in America. It will cross the 1.55 million dollar mark in the weekend itself and jump towards 2 million. So far, Nani is the highest grosser in the USA and is known as Jersey. There is Now ‘Dussehra’ It also crossed that record.

‘Dussehra’ It created a sensation at the US box office by collecting a total of $850K on the first day (including premieres). Dasarade is the best opening in Nani’s movies till date.  It is reported that the first day of ‘Dussehra’ in North India has net collections of 40 lakh rupees. But the movie picked up in the weekend. So far around Rs. It is estimated that the net collections will be two crores. MCA is the biggest hit in Nani’s career so far. This movie collected a share of Rs.40 crores. ‘Dussehra’ This mark will be surpassed in the first weekend. Sunday collections are yet to be known in full.

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