Kisan Congress: "At least 15 thousand compensation should be given to the farmers – ten thousand is not enough"

Kisan Congress: The Kisan Congress said that the compensation of ten thousand rupees given by the state government to the farmers who lost their crops due to the recent hailstorms is not enough. At least fifteen thousand rupees were requested to be provided. They said that they welcomed CM KCR’s visit to Warangal district on Sunday that he would give compensation for crop damage caused by hailstorm. But they said that those who lost their corn crop should be given at least Rs.15 thousand. She criticized that it was not worth the money that was invested. It also reminded that it did not say how much will be given for fruits and gardens. She said that in February last year, along with the chilli crops in the district, the rest of the crops were damaged. She explained that now only 5 thousand 400 rupees per acre are being paid for mirchi and 330 rupees for maize crop. It also stated that it was given to a few farmers and not to the rest of the farmers. She explained that such assistance will not give any relief to the farmers. 

Didn’t talk then..?

The central government is accusing the state and the state government of giving compensation to the farmers. Kisan Congress leaders have accused that they are being neglected. In the month of July last year, due to untimely rains in the Godavari catchment area, 15 lakh acres of crops have been damaged, cultivated lands have been eroded, and the leaders raised questions as to why Chief Minister KCR did not say a single word about the sand mounds in the fields. He said that the Kisan Congress has given a full report on this crop loss to both the central government and the state government. The Kisan Congress has criticized KCR for not saying a single word if the rice donors stay away from the scheme as the state share cannot be paid through the crop insurance scheme. The Kisan Congress said that no compensation is given if crops are lost every year due to Kaleswaram, Ramappa, Pranahita and Penuganga backwaters. She asked why she was not told about such problems. The leaders said that due to the unplanned trend of constructing check dams in the same manner across the state without designing them according to the local conditions, they are cutting down the cultivated lands. He reminded that the situation arose when the land was not allowed to be cultivated under the Kadem project and not a single word was spoken about the compensation. That is why Kisan Congress leaders explained that they are demanding compensation for the crops that were damaged due to untimely rain and hailstorm in the past and asked questions on the state and central governments.

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