Vikarabad MLA: BRS MLA Viral Video Confusion – MLA Explained

A video related to BRS MLA Mahesh Reddy from Parigi constituency of Vikarabad district has come out and is going viral. It seems that he is speaking in favor of the land grabbers. Serious criticism is being expressed that he is speaking in favor of his followers who have grabbed land. Allegations are being made that MLA’s followers tried to grab land in Chan Gomul of Puduru mandal in the district. Allegations are coming that MLA Mahesh Reddy tried to arrange a settlement for the followers of the victims and supported the followers who committed land grabbing. MLA Mahesh wants to take a lot from his followers and leave the land. As Reddy says in the video. Dalit groups are demanding action against the BRS leaders who are involved in land grabbing.

The victim, Naveen, is alleging that the followers of MLA Mahesh Reddy encroached on their land. He said that the MLA’s followers stopped him while he was fencing the 4 acres of land he had agreed with from a person named Srinivas in survey number 346. They expressed their feelings that they attacked with sticks and rods, broke the fencing with a tractor, burnt the bike and terrorized them. The victim said that even after complaining to the police, the MLA did not pay attention to the pressure.

Doesn’t even know where the land is – Parigi MLA Mahesh Reddy responded to the allegations of land settlement in favor of the MLA
‘s followers. On this occasion, he spoke to the media on Tuesday. He said that he did not even know where the land was. He said that it is true that the Panchayat was held near him and he told them to reach a compromise. He also said that he did not know the identity of the victim Naveen. He said that he did not even know where that land was. He said that some people are making false accusations against him and that he does not know about the viral video.

Naveen‌ He made an agreement of four acres of land. While fencing was being done in that land, the MLA’s followers attacked them with sticks and rods and started fencing with a tractor. The pillars were broken. The victim’s bike‌ Burned. The victim complained that the complaint was ignored due to pressure from the MLA. 

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