KA Paul Comments: Only I Can Change Your Lives, Win: KA Paul

KA Paul Comments: Leaders of all parties are getting ready as the time of elections is approaching. They are campaigning in their own style while moving forward with the aim of winning the elections. Various efforts are being made to reach the people. Prajasanthi Party president KA Paul is in the same mood. He is also preparing to campaign in two Telugu states. In this order, YSRCP and BRS Party are trying to hide the government’s failures. But his recent comments have gone viral. Carafe for Sensations KA Pal‌ Whatever is said is comedy for many people. But recently he said that only he can change the lives of the people of Telugu states. Also, on the day of Hitler’s death, how will the secretariat be opened… Telangana (Telangana) responded to the latest politics. He also said that God created fire there because he did not like it.

"Praja Shanti Party president KA Paul said that the cases are currently pending. After the case in the Supreme Court, Pal‌ spoke He said that he is not defeated and will continue to fight. He reminded that he had said earlier that Trump would be arrested. He said that Telangana government has not arrested those who attacked him in Sirisilla till now. Anil Kumar accused him of attempted murder. He said that the police have not taken any action till now. He demanded Chief Minister KCR to inaugurate Ambedkar’s statue and secretariat on April 14, Ambedkar’s birthday. He questioned how the secretariat would be opened on April 30 after Hitler’s death and alleged that the state government was trying to block every program undertaken by him in the state. He accused them of making up non-existent cases and causing trouble. He said that there is a lot of conspiracy to kill him." KA Paul shared the Telugu and English copies where all this was written and captioned it as “Read, Think and Decide Your Future”.

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