Who is Behind New TRS: Are these three leaders behind New TRS? Is the defeat of BRS the goal?


Who is Behind New TRS : It is becoming sensational that some key leaders have decided to form a new party in Telangana called TRS. If someone starts a party in the name of TRS, what will happen to BRS when the name of the party is changed? But the BRS ranks strongly believed that the sentiment that Telangana means KCR…KCR means Telangana…Telangana means KCR has been imprinted in the minds of the people and it will not change easily. But nothing is impossible in politics. BRS leaders are naturally worried about what will happen if the prominent members of the Telangana community form the TRS party. That is why the topic of new party is being highlighted. 

Who are the three leaders who are going to form the TRS party?  Former Khammam MP Ponguleti Srinivasa Reddy is already widely spread on social media as one of them. Staying away from BRS party, he is severely criticizing the party’s behavior. There was a campaign to join the BJP. But stopped. Later there was a discussion that Sharmila would join the party. He did not deny it. On the other hand, his company is getting many contracts in AP. It was not clear what his path was. Now.. It is said that they have decided to form a party under the name of TRS and have done internal exercises. 

Will Konda Vishweshwar Reddy and Etala join together?

Former MP Konda with Ponguleti Srinivasa Reddy There are speculations on social media that Vishveshwar Reddy and Etala Rajender may also meet. Both of them are not movement workers.. they were in TRS party.. they came out after being humiliated. Etala keeps saying that he was kicked out because he did not come. When the Etala Rajender issue was going on, there was also a campaign that there was a plan to form a new party. But at that time KCR did not think of BRS.  They are saying that they have retired with the idea that it will be a workout if they start a new party. But now the situation is like all is not well in BJP. The leaders who came from outside are suffering. Their aim is to defeat BRS leader KCR. That is why they are expected to come out of BJP and take an active part in the new party.  

Sympathy among the activists too!

There is dissatisfaction that the activists were not given justice after the formation of Telangana. Now there is no TRS party name. Among the activists, Konda Vishweshwar Reddy and Etala Rajender have a hold. If they join other parties, the activists may not walk behind them, but if TRS is formed in the name of Telangana sentiment, there is a chance of walking behind them. That’s why.. when their names come to the fore about a new party.. there is a sensation. 

BRS‌ will be in trouble if TRS party comes to the fore seriously!

Politicians are predicting that BRS party will face problems if popular leaders come to the fore as TRS party. The reason for this is that Telangana sentiment has been indelibly entrenched among the people. Even if four to five percent of the votes go to the new party, it is expected that BRS will suffer an irreversible blow.

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