Minister Talasani On PM Modi : How many times Vande Bharat trains will be started, we are blocking what the Center has given to Telangana – Minister Talasani

Minister Talasani On PM Modi: BRS government gave a counter to PM Modi’s indirect criticism of the party leaders. Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav questioned that the state government is blocking what the central government has given to Telangana. He spoke to the media at the BRS LP office along with Minister Gangula Kamalakar.   Minister Talasani said.. Prime Minister Modi was accused of only talking about politics in the power program. Modi has no love for Telangana. Modi’s comments on the formation of Telangana in the past are proof of this. Vande Bharat‌ Minister Talasani asked how many times Modi will start the trains. Modi talking about corruption… Adani questioned whether he was talking about corruption. He said who got the contract for Adani in Sri Lanka. He questioned why the JPC did not act on the Adani scams. Minister Talasani asked if Prime Minister Modi should come to discuss the development of Telangana. He said that if Telangana does not achieve development, why would the center call and give so many awards. Modi wants to say whether Telangana is the first in per capita income. 

Are you ready to discuss the development of Telangana? 

Prime Minister Modi should say whether Telangana is a state with 24-hour current or not. Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav asked. The minister said that 1 lakh 35 thousand government jobs have been given in Telangana… he asked about two crore jobs. Earlier, when Modi came to Telangana, he said that CM KCR should not come to his programs. He questioned why Prime Minister Modi is not talking about the promises of the Partition Act. Did Kishan Reddy do anything for his constituency Secunderabad not for the state but as a Union Minister? He deposed that. He said he was ready to discuss Modi’s criticism. The challenge is to see who’s argument is strong. Thrown.

It is Modi who opened the breach of protocol 

If Modi wants to curse KCR, should he come to Hyderabad to stay in Delhi and curse him? Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav asked. He said that if BRS is criticized, people will turn away. He argued that there is no law in which the CMs should welcome the Prime Minister when he comes. Does Modi have a moral right to talk about corruption and family rule? They were angry. Is there no family politics in BJP? He asked. If the chief ministers of BJP-ruled states are involved in corruption, why are there no investigations? They want to tell in which sector Telangana is lagging behind. Has the state given at least one medical college? Which party will put national highways in power? Modi asked what is great about it. How much revenue is coming to the country from Telangana? They want to say a lot that the center will give back.  Modi will talk about the discovery of the Covid vaccine. Modi said that the original protocol was violated.  

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