Do you know the history of stairwell in Osmania University?

Stepswell OU in Hyderabad: One of the Nizam era stepwells in the OU campus sits silently in the lap of time. Few people know that it is located near the Iflu Building. HMDA’s intention is to make the historical stepwell, which has lost its appearance due to garbage and in a dilapidated condition, be improved like another Bansilal Peta well. As part of that project, about 100 Osmania University students and HMDA officials have started the work. Rainwater Project, Lines Club, Pink Circle, Green Team (Wanaparthi) organizations, students of Osmania University’s Department of Environment, civil engineering students, archeology students and history students participated in this restoration work. OU students are involved. 

Bansilal Peta Step Well This is the same project

Bansilal Peta Step Well! This 18th century step well is a testament to the historical heritage of Hyderabad. This well has a capacity of 22 lakh liters of water. Built in a magnificent style with stone and slaked lime. This well, which quenched the thirst of the people of Secunderabad hundreds of years ago, has disappeared over time. With the help of Telangana Government and NGOs  It has regained its glory. . Prime Minister Modi ‘Man‌ Congratulation with special mention in Key Bath. After that for two or three months the HMDA authorities studied the ancient wells of Osmania University. OU VC Ravinder, rain water project founder Kalpana Ramesh, HMDA top officials and engineering officials met several times and worked out the activity. As per the directives of Minister KTR, HMDA Metropolitan Commissioner, students of Osmania University, volunteers of various charitable organizations and others started the restoration work of these wells. About 100 people together removed the garbage in the wells.  

For whom was the step well built in OU? What is its history?

This step well located in Osmania University campus has a history. This is an interesting topic! Osmania campus is actually a small jungle! Jagir! Estate, garden bungalow! That place was named after Mahalaka Bai Chanda! Evari Mahalakabai means a great dancer during Nizam’s time.  Good singer. If she sings, my heart will melt! If she plays, the peacocks will wash rows in the mind. Her ghazals‌ All Deccan‌ The empire itself became a slave. Moreover, Mahalakabai is a poet, feminist and political advisor in her own right! She was an activist who fought for girls’ education in the 18th century.

A humanist who wrote her Yavadasti in those days to educate girls! Donating crores of rupees for girls’ education was not a common thing in those days! Moreover, the current Osmania University is also her jagir! Did she donate a place for the university with her left hand! History says that it was at that time that Nizam Raja built this well in her name. Ghazals were sung near this step well on full moon nights. HMDA is working to restore such a historical staircase! 

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