Sharmila Vs Tammineni : B Team Panchayat between Sharmila and Tammineni – What is the real fight?


Sharmila Vs Tammineni: YSR Telangana Party President Sharmila and CPM State Secretary Tammineni Veerabharam argued that B team means your party. Sharmila is going around asking everyone to fight together by setting up a forum called Tea Save. Meeting the leaders of all the parties. So.. went to the offices of the communists. While discussing this issue with CPM leader Tammineni Veerabhadra, YSR Telangana Party was criticized as B team of BJP. Sharmila got angry at this criticism. They have made it clear that they are criticizing the BJP as a party of religious philosophy and they are not a B team for anyone. He criticized that communists have become BRS B Teen.                                     

Actually, before Sharmila came and met, Tammineni Veerabhadram criticized Sharmila’s behavior. He said that Sharmila also called him to work together for the future of the unemployed.. That is true. They said that they are also ready to work with her. But Sharmila did not remember the robbery of Adani and Modi, said Tammineni Veerbhadram.   Minorities are being attacked excessively. But, she was unable to speak on these.. She made sensational comments. Sharmila’s case is alarming.. and they poured fire.  

YSR TP chief Sharmila advised to avoid such political dramas. Many times we  We called.. but she did not come even for a single day. Now Lisi said let’s work       He said that the BJP should refrain from harassment of KCR and BRS. He said that if Kavitha makes a mistake, he should be punished. In Telangana, they demanded that a sitting judge be appointed to investigate the leak of examination papers. He said that there is no discussion whether to meet with TRS in the next election or not. Sharmila, who is trying to make her mark in Telangana politics, wants to fight with all parties on paper leakages. Called Bandi Sanjay and Revanth Reddy.  Both of them concluded that there is no question of working with the respective parties. But Sharmila did not stop her efforts. Trying to integrate other parties. Almost all the parties are being approached but..   If they want, they want Sharmila to come and fight with their party, but they are not showing interest in forming a Tea Save Forum together. 

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