Woman Constable: Constable who stopped the CP going into the exam center – congratulated by the police

Woman Constable: A woman constable on duty stopped Rachakonda CP Chauhan, who was about to go inside the 10th class examination center after picking up the phone. She advised him not to go inside with the phone. A female constable stopped the CP who went for inspection at a class 10 examination center in LB Nagar, Hyderabad. The phone is asked to be deposited here. Agreeing to this, CP Chauhan gave his mobile phone to them and went inside.

He said that he liked the fact that the female constable stopped him without even seeing that she was his superior. Someone said to stop it like this. He congratulated the lady constable who did not allow him inside with a phone. But the video related to this has now become viral. Everyone who saw this.. is appreciating that woman constable. The police was alerted when the paper of the 10th examination was leaked. Special surveillance is being done in this order. Anyone is allowed to enter the exam center only after thorough examination. 


Paper leak on the first day of class 10 exams

The officials got a shock on the first day of class 10 exams in Telangana. The paper‌ Leaked. Vikarabad‌ Officials found that the Telugu paper was leaked in District Tandoor. At 9.37 am the paper‌ It seems that a photo was taken and posted on social media. The exam started at 9.30 am on Monday. Meanwhile, everyone was shocked as the paper was leaked. Leak‌ Everyone was in doubt as to how it happened. On inquiry about the leak, it was concluded that a teacher had leaked it. Vikarabad district government teacher Bandyappa has been found to have leaked this paper. He was immediately called to the Tehsildar’s office and the police are interrogating him. Investigation is going on from the point of view of who the real culprits were who leaked this.

Hindi paper leak on the second day..

The question paper was also leaked on the second day of the 10th class exams. As the Hindi exam is going on today, the Hindi paper came out shortly after the exam started. It was shared by some in the WhatsApp group. This paper was leaked in Warangal district. For the second day in a row, the leak of the 10th class examination paper has become a sensation.  It seems that this Hindi question paper is live in SSC Students WhatsApp group. It seems that this question paper was leaked at 9.30 am. However, Warangal CP AV Ranganath said that the Kamalapur police arrested a minor boy and two other accused in the case of copying Hindi paper. Police seized three cell phones from the arrested accused. After that the police also arrested BJP state president Bandi Sanjay. He revealed that his hand is also in this affair. 

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