Ateeq’s clout coming in the way of catching Umesh Pal’s shooters! UP Police and STF wandering for 40 days

Prayagraj: The credibility of the UP Police has been put at stake in the dastardly Umesh Pal murder case that took place in broad daylight in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. The main shooters of the murder of BJP leader, advocate by profession Umesh Pal and two government gunner constables Sandeep Nishad and Raghavendra Singh engaged in his security are far from being caught by the police even after 40 days of the incident. The Yogi government has declared a reward of 5 lakh each on all. While UP STF reveals major incidents in 14 hours, the shooters are playing cat and mouse game with them since 40 days.

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Police believe that Atiq’s Rafiq is present at every step, who is obstructing the investigation. breaching confidentiality. Helping the shooters to escape. The shocking thing is that Atiq’s Rafiq is also in the police department. Its latest example is the big action taken by Kaushambi Superintendent of Police. SP Brijesh Kumar Srivastava transferred CO Chail to the Jahan numerical branch. At the same time, the police station in-charge Sandipanghat and Harraipur outpost were suspended. Earlier, action has been taken against 9 policemen of Prayagraj Police and 17 personnel of Jail Police. All these are just a few rice of Atiq Ahmed’s cooked rice whereas STF is being nurtured by hundreds of such informers.

Public help not found on CCTV footage viral
The CCTV footage of the main shooters in the Umesh Pal murder case is continuously going viral on social media. It is becoming viral not only in Uttar Pradesh but also in other neighboring states. In Uttar Pradesh, this footage can be seen in the mobile of every tenth person. Not only this, the media also has the highest trading since February 24. But Yogi government’s police are not getting any help publicly in catching the main shooters of Umesh Pal murder case. On the contrary, Atiq’s influence and Atiq’s Rafiq are becoming a hindrance in the STF-Police investigation.

Asad and Guddu Muslim ran away from Kaushambi
The leader of the Umesh Pal murder case, Atiq Ahmed’s third son Asad, Guddu Muslim, the bomber shooter had entered the Kaushambi area during the absconding. When he left from there to catch the Kanpur highway, his car broke down near Basedhi village of Sandipanghat Kotwali. Leaving him, both of them reached Meerut by catching different roadways buses. This has been disclosed by Atiq’s doctor brother-in-law Akhlaq. Asad and Guddu Muslim stayed at Akhlaq’s house in Meerut for 17 hours. He left the house before STF and local police could reach. It is suspected that he had already received the information.

Sabir caught hold of Cachar
According to the information, 5 lakh prize shooter Sabir did not go towards his house Mariadih Ganga Cachar in the north of GT Road during the escape and instead went towards Yamuna Cachar in the south. Evidence has been found of Sabir talking to his deceased brother Zakir through internet calling.

Atiq’s sharpshooter Armaan fled to Bihar
Atiq Ahmed’s sharpshooter Armaan alias Armaan Bihari is the main shooter in the Umeshpal murder case. A reward of 5 lakh has been announced on this too. Inputs have been received about its escape route that it has left for Bihar. There Atiq and Mukhtar are staying with the big helpers of the gang.

Shooter Ghulam got the help of the ruler
According to the information received from the sources, Atiq Ahmed’s very special shooter Ghulam Mohammad has a deep penetration in favor and opposition. He also handles the outside business of Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf. Ghulam Atiq’s son Asad has also been a companion. He has reached the shelter of a ruling white-collar leader. It is being said that due to increasing pressure, it has gone ahead through Nepal.

Atiq’s influence and Atiq’s Rafiq are getting help
Looking at the activities of the last 40 days, it can be said that even after 40 days of the Umeshpal murder case, the Yogi government’s police have not caught the absconding five main shooters. They change the hideout before the police reach. Means even now Atiq’s Rasukh and Atiq’s Rafiq are helping him everywhere.

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