Minister KTR: Munnabhai MBBS in BJP – KTR’s tweet revealing the list!

Minister KTR: State IT Minister and BRS Executive President KTR once again criticized the BJP leaders in his own style. At a time when the opposition is demanding to reveal what Prime Minister Narendra Modi has read, some posts on social media are going viral saying that many BJP leaders have fake certificates and educational qualifications. In this order, KTR criticized BJP leaders on Twitter platform.  Minister KTR complained in his tweet that there are many Munnabhai MBBS in BJP. KTR’s criticism of BJP in this tweet on Tuesday became a hot topic. KTR criticized that two BJP MPs from Telangana are also being accused of having fake certificates. Tweet Le said that they believe that those BJP MPs have fake certificates with the names of Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu universities. KTR raised questions on Twitter whether it is a crime to give false information in an affidavit and win an election. The Speaker of the Lok Sabha was asked whether they will be disqualified if they are examined and found guilty. 

Looks like we have too many MunnaBhai, MBBS types in BJP

2 BJP MPs from Telangana are also allegedly Fake Certificate holders 😄 Have forged certificates from Rajasthan & TN Universities

Isn’t it a criminal offense to lie in your election affidavit on whose basis MP gets…

— KTR (@KTRBRS) April 4, 2023

However, BRS leaders are throwing sarcasms saying that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a target in the matter of degree certificates. Minister KTR tweeted saying show me my study certificates. He said that he has done a master’s degree in biotechnology from Pune University and a master’s degree in business from City University of New York. 

Fine to the Delhi CM for asking what he studied 
Last week. It is known that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has been fined Rs.25 thousand by the Gujarat High Court. But in April 2016, Kejriwal wrote a letter to the then Central Information Commissioner M Sridhar Acharya asking what PM Modi had studied. Responding to this, he ordered Gujarat and Delhi universities to give records of Modi’s degrees to Kejriwal. Gujarat University challenged that order in the High Court, then the court stayed it. After the latest investigation, Justice Biren Vaishnav of the Gujarat High Court struck down the previous orders of the CIC and ordered Kejriwal to pay Rs. 25,000 fine.

Reacting to the Gujarat High Court verdict, Kejriwal questioned whether the country has the right to know what Prime Minister Narendra Modi has studied. Kejriwal questioned why the Prime Minister is against showing his degree. Kejriwal said in a tweet that an illiterate and less educated Prime Minister is dangerous for the country.

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