IPL 2023: IPL, betting and death… Woman killed herself in fear of UP Police, 3 including SI suspended, know the matter

Sunil Saket, Agra: A case of third degree torture to a young man has come to light on the charges of IPL 2023 betting. Angered by this, the young man’s wife committed suicide by consuming poison. It is alleged that in lieu of leaving, the police had demanded two lakh rupees. While the youth has denied playing betting.

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The case is of Jagner police station. Manoj Sharma’s son Natthilal Sharma, a resident of Nauni village of Jagner, was caught by the police from near the temple on Monday. It is alleged that the police accused him of betting and tortured him throughout the night. When his wife Anita came to know about this, she got angry and consumed poison. This created a stir in the family.

In a hurry, the police released Manoj. Anita’s death sparked anger among the villagers. On reaching the police station, people created a ruckus. This case created a stir in the police department as well. Police Commissioner Dr. Pritinder Singh has suspended a sub-inspector and two constables.

Allegations of betting in IPL
According to information, betting was played in IPL between Manoj Sharma, resident of Nauni village of Jagner and Ravi Pachauri, resident of Nagla Madho. It is alleged that Ravi Pachauri owed Rs 20,000 to Manoj. On Monday, Ravi called Manoj and called him near the temple to give him the money. There some policemen in plain uniform caught him. Now a demand of two lakh rupees was made in lieu of leaving him. Manoj’s family alleges that Manoj was tortured with third degree.

Had eaten poison at two o’clock in the night
When Anita came to know about Manoj being tortured, she pleaded with the police to release him, but he was not released. Annoyed by this, Anita consumed poison at 2 o’clock in the night. Near this, Manoj’s nephew Dheeraj reached the police post and told the whole thing. The police immediately released Manoj. Here Anita’s health deteriorated and she was taken to the hospital. Where the doctors declared him dead.

Three suspended including SI
DCP West Suman Kumar told that Manoj used to play betting. He was caught by the Jagner police on this charge. On the death of the woman, the villagers created ruckus on Tuesday morning and demanded action. On this, the Police Commissioner has suspended three police personnel including SI.

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