The son has become a star, feed him sweets.

Aligarh: With Rinku Singh becoming the star batsman for Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL by hitting five consecutive sixes in five balls, his family has also come into limelight. Rinku’s father Khanchand, who lives in Aligarh, does door-to-door delivery of cylinders. On Monday, wherever he went to deliver gas cylinders, he was surrounded by congratulators. Everyone was demanding to feed them sweets. His eyes became moist seeing the respect that Khanchand got because of his son in the whole city. Many people suggested to him that now that your son has become a star cricketer, leave the job of carrying cylinders. On this, Khanchand clearly said that he cannot leave this work. With this employment, he has raised his family.

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The life of Rinku Singh’s family members is now changing. People from all over the city are reaching to congratulate their families. Rinku’s father Khanchand says that the son has taken the entire responsibility of the family on his shoulder with his hard work, so he no longer feels the weight of the cylinder. Rinku Singh’s parents now have only one wish that their son should play cricket for the country by joining the national team as soon as possible.

Once upon a time there was a need to wipe in coaching, now what did the father of Rinku Singh, who made history in IPL, say?

The family had shifted to Aligarh in search of employment 25 years ago.

It is noteworthy that Kolkata Knight Riders defeated Lucknow Gujarat Times by three wickets at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad last Sunday thanks to Rinku Singh’s sixes. Rinku scored an unbeaten 48 runs in 21 balls. Rinku’s family is a native of village Danpur in Bulandshahr. Rinku’s father shifted to Aligarh 25 years ago in search of employment. His ancestral house is still in Bulandshahr. The whole village is feeling proud remembering Rinku’s sixes.

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