BRS spiritual gatherings for another two months- Minister KTR

Party working president KTR clarified that BRS spiritual meetings can be held till May. KTR directed the MLAs of the party to make plans to organize it in a more extensive, comprehensive and highly armed manner. The party working president held a teleconference on the management of spiritual congregations. KTR revealed that the leader KCR is regularly reviewing the management programs of spiritual congregations.

KTR said that a ten-member program implementation committee has been formed under the leadership of former speaker Madhusudanachari on the ongoing progress of spiritual congregations. He said that this committee will look into the progress of spiritual gatherings organized by the party across the state. KTR appealed to the district party presidents, party general secretaries and MLAs to provide full support to them. KTR requested to provide various kinds of assistance. KTR suggested that every MLA should form a team with active party workers in this election year. Through this team, the party has been asked to use it to continuously provide information to the people and manage the party programs more efficiently.

It is suggested that the social media committees should be strengthened to carry the party and government programs widely in the social media in each constituency. KTR directed the party MLAs to make plans to organize these spirit meetings even till the month of May in the light of the party president KCR’s permission to organize them in a more comprehensive, thorough and well-armed manner. . It is suggested that every spiritual meeting must start with a spiritual message written by the Chief Minister to the party workers. The necessary materials like leaflets should be prepared and widely distributed so that the spiritual message reaches every worker. He said that MLAs and district party presidents should take a special initiative so that the representatives elected by the party and everyone who is still in office attend these spiritual gatherings. KTR said that through these spiritual gatherings, the party and the government will get an opportunity to carry out the development and welfare programs for the people. Public representatives and speakers who speak extensively on the development of Telangana have been requested to be used for this purpose.

 The conditions in the state before the coming of Telangana, the development after the coming of Telangana state, the welfare programs that have been provided should be brought to the people widely, and the party workers should be informed to take the development done by the government to the people. KTR believes that these spiritual compounds will be of great use in making soldiers.

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