Komatireddy Venkat Reddy: A case has been registered against Komatireddy Venkat Reddy in the matter of threats!

Case on Komatireddy Venkat Reddy: It is known that an audio tape of Congress MP Komatireddy Venkat Reddy has gone viral recently. Cheruku Sudhakar of the same party‌ Talking to his son on the phone, his words that his followers will kill your father created a sensation. However, a case has recently been registered against MP Komati Reddy Venkata Reddy in this matter. Sudhakar in Nalgonda One Town‌ Son Suhas complained. This under various sections of IPC 506 (Criminal Threats) ‌ A case has been registered against Komatireddy Venkata Reddy. 

What is in the audio call recording‌

Komatireddy, Cheruku Sudhakar said that his followers were ready to kill Cheruku Sudhakar. Talking on the phone with son Suhas said. Cheruku Sudhakar‌‌ Komati Reddy called Sudhakar’s son Suhas and gave a warning that his followers were traveling in a hundred cars to kill him and that it would be difficult to survive for more than a week. This audio is going viral.  In this phone call  Komati Reddy seems to be scolding like he likes.

My followers are going around in hundred vehicles to kill ‘‘Sudhakar  They will kill you too. Nee Hospital‌ Not even. I have helped lakhs of people. I can’t control them all.  If Sudhakar goes to jail, I will be alone. I went myself if no one minded. He is talking like he likes me. If I don’t apologize publicly, I will surely be killed’’ An audio goes viral. Netizens say that the voice in this is similar to that of MP Komatireddy Venkata Reddy.

Komatireddy Clarity

When the sensational audio was going viral, Komatireddy clarified it yesterday. He said that some people distorted his emotional comments. He said that his words were cut and morphed. 

He said that he did not say anything to anyone in his 33-year political career. He said that the philosophy of bringing the enemy closer is his. In the past, the police filed a PD act against Cheruku Sudhakar. He remembered that he had fought. Sudhakar didn’t want to criticize him. He said that he told his son. cut his words‌ Those who don’t remember only a few things together leak‌ He said that he did. Phone‌ He also said that he knows what is being recorded. Congress‌ He said that Cheruku Sudhakar has been scolding him since he joined the party. He said that he only told Suhas that he would not curse me. suspend himself‌ He said that he said so out of pain because he was told to do it repeatedly and scolded. 

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