Rahul Gandhi On PM: ‘Whose 20000 Crores’, now Rahul Gandhi asked PM Modi through social media, know what else he said

Rahul Gandhi Slams PM Modi Over Adani: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday (April 2) asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi through social media that 20 thousand crore rupees belong to him? Rahul Gandhi asked this question while sharing a 59-second video on Facebook. They surrounded the Prime Minister in the case of Gautam Adani.

Rahul Gandhi wrote in his Facebook post, “Prime Minister, it has been a long time since I asked you questions. I haven’t received your reply yet, so I’m repeating it again. Who owns 20,000 crore rupees? Why is money deposited in LIC, SBI, EPFO ​​being given to Adani? Tell the country the truth of your relationship with Adani!"

Congress attacks on Adani issue

Let us tell you that Congress and Rahul Gandhi are continuously attacking the central government on the Adani issue. Recently, after the Hindenburg report came out, Rahul Gandhi surrounded the government in Parliament. The Congress is demanding the formation of a joint parliamentary committee to probe the Adani case. This demand of the Congress is being considered as the reason for the uproar in the Parliament.

Even after Rahul loses the membership of the Parliament, the Congress is attacking the Centre

The Congress is also alleging that Rahul Gandhi was targeted by the ruling party for questioning the government on the Adani case, which led to him losing his membership in Parliament. On March 25, Rahul Gandhi also targeted the Center by sharing a video of himself through Twitter. He had tweeted, "I speak the truth, I speak for the country and I will follow the path of truth till my last breath." Prime Minister, tell me who owns 20 thousand crores?

In the video, Rahul Gandhi had said, “Even if you disqualify me (from Parliament) for life, throw me in jail, I will give my I will continue the work, I will not stop.” He had said, “People know that Adani. Jee is a corrupt person, now the question has arisen in the mind of the public that why the Prime Minister of India is saving this corrupt person?


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