Sonia Gandhi: Sonia Gandhi attacked the Modi government – ‘PM’s work tells everything’

Sonia Gandhi Attacks PM Modi: Congress leader and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi has accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of destroying democratic institutions and not allowing Parliament to function. Sonia Gandhi said that the deep hatred of the government towards democracy and democratic responsibility is disturbing. The Congress leader also accused the Modi government of misusing the opposition CBI and controlling the media.

‘The Hindu’ In an article written in India, Sonia Gandhi said, the people of India have come to know that the Prime Minister’s actions say more about him than his statements. Whether venting anger at the opposition or blaming past leaders for today’s woes, the Prime Minister’s statements are nothing more than verbal exercises to divert attention from pressing issues. Others and their actions speak volumes about the effective intentions of the government.

‘BJP did not let Parliament run’

In the article, Sonia Gandhi That said, over the past months we have seen the Prime Minister and his government systematically dismantle the three pillars of India’s democracy – the legislature, the executive and the judiciary. His actions show deep disdain for democracy and democratic accountability, which is disturbing

Sonia Gandhi accused Parliament of not allowing Parliament to function properly, wrote BJP Adani in House Important issues were not allowed to be discussed and Rahul Gandhi’s membership was terminated with lightning speed.

‘Budget passed without debate’ He wrote, “The last session saw the government’s strategy to prevent the opposition from raising serious issues like unemployment, inflation and social division, and to prevent the opposition from discussing the year’s budget and the Adani scam.” Modi government took unprecedented measures for strong opposition. Speeches were deleted, debates were shut down and lawmakers were attacked, and eventually a member of Congress was disqualified. The result was that 45 lakh crores of public money was Budget was passed without any debate. When the Finance Bill was introduced through the Lok Sabha, the Prime Minister was busy inaugurating projects in his constituency with extensive media coverage.

CBI is being misused /p>

Sonia Gandhi said, CBI is being misused and CBI is registering 95 percent cases only against opposition parties. Sonia Gandhi also alleged that the freedom of the media was being curtailed.

The Prime Minister ignored the rising tide of hatred and violence by the BJP and the RSS. We are witnessing the Prime Minister’s silence on China.



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