Saying that you have an affair with Seth, the husband made the life of the wife worse


  • The working wife was beaten by her husband on suspicion and behaved rudely.
  • Parineeta was deducting a fixed deposit for her daughter from her salary.
  • The husband said to give me your full salary and this started a fight in the house.

Vadodara: The husband of the 32-year-old Parineeta, who lives on Ajwa Rad in the city, was suspicious of Parineeta’s character, saying, “You have an affair with Tara Seth” and demanded money from her. In this case, the wife has lodged a complaint with the police station against her husband and her in-laws for physically and mentally abusing her. Not only that, the father-in-law and uncle-in-law have also accused the wife of inflicting injuries. The police have registered a complaint against Parineeta and registered a case against her husband, father-in-law and uncle-in-law under the Dowry Act.

On the other hand, the father-in-law of the opposite party has also lodged a complaint against Parineeta Seth. In which he has alleged that Parineeta Seth has threatened to kill himself by uttering insults. After which the police have registered a crime on both sides and conducted further investigation.

According to the details of the incident, Parineeta Manjusar, 32, who lives on Ajwa Road in Vadodara, earns her living by working as a computer operator in a private company in GIDC. She was married to Pushpendra Rajubhai Nai, a resident of Ramdevnagar, Vadodara, in October 2010, according to caste customs. During the 11-year period of marriage, the bride has two children, one daughter and one son. Meanwhile, Parineeta got a job as a computer operator in a private company in GIDC.

Parineeta used to deposit Rs 5,000 in the name of her daughter as a fixed deposit from her salary after getting a job. However, her husband Pushpendra quarreled over the matter and said that she should give her full salary to me. Parineeta alleged that after starting the job, her husband and in-laws used to quarrel with her like Yen Kane. During this time, the husband often told his wife that he had an affair with Tara Seth and also doubted her character.

Parineeta went to live with her sister as there were many quarrels in the house. On October 17, when the bride went to visit her son-in-law at her father-in-law’s house with her sister and Seth, her father-in-law Raju Nai and uncle-in-law Hariom Hukamsinh Nai beat her up. The sister and Sethe then released the bride. The couple then lodged a complaint against her husband Pushpendra Rajubhai Nai, father-in-law Raju Nai and uncle-in-law Hariom Hukamsinh Nai at the Bapod police station.

On the other hand, father-in-law Rajubhai Hukamsinh Nai had lodged a complaint against the bride, saying that my grandson and I were sitting at home. Then my daughter-in-law came to meet her grandson with her lover and while raising her grandson’s hand, they got into a fight with his wife. So, Vahu’s lover threatened to kill her and her son Pushpendra by giving them a nasty term. So, after registering a complaint against him with the Bapod police, the police has registered a case against Nimesh Patel under the intimidation clause and conducted further investigation.


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