PSI’s ‘Scorpio’ lying in parking lot picked up by police, 1500 memo torn


  • Aware citizen called the police after seeing the vehicle parked in the parking lot of PSI itself in front of the police station.
  • When the traffic policemen went to call PSI Jebaliya, they did not come out
  • A fine of Rs. 1500 was levied for violating various rules by towing the vehicle

Surat: The police are tearing up memos even for a small mistake by showing the citizens the stick of traffic law. However, many policemen seem to be violating the law as if it were not applicable to them. Moreover, such policemen or officers are rarely prosecuted. However, in an incident that took place in Surat, the so-called Scorpio of a PSI parked in the no parking lot on the wrong side was towed by the traffic police and legal action was taken.

Advocate Mehul Boghra of Surat made a video of a Scorpio vehicle lying in the no parking lot in front of Sarthana police station. The glass of this car was illegally covered with dark film. Not only that, there was also a plaque written by the police. The video maker claims that the vehicle belongs to PSI Jebaliya, who is on duty at Sarthana police station. He also said in his video that the PUC of this car has also expired.

Mehul Boghra had lodged a complaint by calling the traffic helpline as the vehicle was lying in the parking lot and had violated some other rules. A towing van from the traffic department then arrived at the scene. As can be seen in the video, the traffic police personnel go to the police station to call PSI Jebaliya. However, they do not come out.

Eventually the vehicle was towed. People gathered around this time as well, and PSI’s Black Scorpio became a topic of discussion. According to a traffic official, the vehicle was found lying in the parking lot with a dark film on it and as per the rules, it was towed and fined Rs 1,500.


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