Donation for three daughters of Surat who lost their parents in an accident


  • The 6-year-old daughter survived the first overturning of the vehicle, leaving the other 6 dead.
  • Within 18 hours of appealing for help, millions of rupees were deposited in the daughters’ accounts, some cash was also given.
  • The state government is also expected to provide a fixed deposit of Rs 11 lakh for the three daughters.

Three daughters of two families have been killed in a tragic accident near Gondal in Rajkot three days ago. Then in a single day, the Suratis have collected Rs 8 lakh for these girls and deposited it in the bank accounts of the three daughters, spreading the fragrance of humanity.
Accident between ST bus and car near Gondal, 5 killed, 2 injured
People are also being appealed to come forward for help through social media and people are coming forward for financial help in a way that shows love for the daughters and not help. Six members of the same family were killed in an accident near Gondal in Rajkot when the tire of a car belonging to the Gadhiya family of Kathodara and originally from Amreli district burst into a car divider and collided with an oncoming ST bus. While six-year-old daughter Jenny was rescued.
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Three members of the Gadhia and Bambarolia families have been killed in the tragic accident. In which Prafulla Bambarolia’s family has two daughters. 17-year-old Bansari and 6-year-old Jenny, while the Gadhia family includes 8-year-old Drishti. The three daughters are currently orphaned. People are coming forward with the help of their three daughters. The people of every society are urged to make human service meaningful and the Betty Bachao Betty Padhao Sutra meaningful. The amount is being deposited in Varachha Bank by opening an account in the name of the three daughters.
The accused were acquitted in the case of trampling PSI of Shamlaji under the vehicle
What was the incident

Ashwin Govindbhai Gadhia (38), wife of Sonalben (38), son Dharmil (12), mother Shardaben (56), mother-in-law Went out Tuesday morning. Ashwinbhai, Sonalben, Dharmil, Shardaben, Prafulbhai and Bhanuben were killed when their car’s tire burst and they collided with an ST bus. When a girl named Drishti was rescued.


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