Former deputy mayor’s son beaten to death by assassins on car bonnet


  • A Jaan was seen on the road in front of Pal RTO, the executioners were dancing and singing
  • When the son of former deputy mayor Nirav Shah went to reprimand him, he was beaten by the executioners
  • The controversy went on till late at night after persuasion of the elders, the video went viral

Surat A Jaan was passing by the city’s Pal RTO. Jaan was followed by a traffic jam on the road. After which the son of former deputy mayor Nirav Shah went to reprimand him. To make matters worse, the ex-deputy mayor’s son was beaten by the car’s bonnet. Reportedly, the police also reached the spot. However, the whole matter came to a head at two o’clock in the night when both the parties reached a settlement through the mediation of the elders of the Janaiya party. The video of the incident has also gone viral on social media.

The details of the incident are that the son of former deputy mayor of the city Nirav Shah, who lives in Rajhans Elita in front of Pal RTO, drove away in his Creta car around 9.30 pm. At the time, Jan, the son of a boatman living in the Adajan area, was on his way to the Royal Dine Hotel. The killers were dancing on the road. Jaan was followed by a heavy traffic jam on the road. The executioners sided to let the vehicles go.
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According to executioners, Aakash Shah, son of former deputy mayor Nirav Shah, hit the brakes of the car during the traffic. After which the bike coming from behind collided with the car. Attractors, on the other hand, say the killers kicked the car. So Aakash went to tell Janaiya why he kicked the car. Then the whole thing got worse and worse. It is alleged that the assailants strangled him and hit him on the bonnet of the car. The incident was reported to Aakash by his father Nirav Shah. The incident was later reported to the police.
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આકર્ષ પર હુમલો કરનારાઓની ઓળખ કરીને ડિટેઈન કરવાની કાર્યવાહી માટે પોલીસ હોટલ રોયલ ડાઈનમાં પહોંચતા જાનૈયાઓમાં ભારે ફફડાટ જોવા મળ્યો હતો. The video of the incident went viral on social media. Police, meanwhile, detained the two youths and brought them to the police station for questioning. The controversy started at 9.30 pm and lasted till 2 am. Eventually, with the persuasion of the executioners’ elders, the executioners admitted their guilt and agreed to a written apology.

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