Husband was having an affair in a horizontal relationship.


  • A woman living in Kaprada had a love affair with a heretical young man
  • Husbands and wives often got into fights when it was reported
  • The wife killed her husband along with her heretical lover

Clothing A shocking case of murder has come to light from Chavshala village of Kaprada taluka. The wife, along with a pagan youth, pushed him out of the way as the husband was becoming a crossbow in the affair. They fled the scene after carrying out the killing. The accused lover, who had fled UP with his cousin, was then picked up by the LCB police from Madhya Pradesh. The police have registered a case and taken further action.

The details of the incident are as follows: The body of a man was found on November 24 from a farm in Dhaitpad phalia of Chavshala village of Kaprada. Upon learning of the incident, the police rushed to the spot. Police investigating the case found that the body belonged to Shankar Kashiram Chaudhary, who was living in the same phalia and doing casual labor. After the incident, the police interrogated the deceased’s wife Sangeeta Chaudhary, elder brother of the deceased Magan Kashiram Chaudhary and other villagers.
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The police investigation revealed that the deceased’s wife Sangeeta was having an affair with Ashfaq alias Sahil Mumtaz Shah, a resident of Bhadakmora in Vapi. She wanted to seduce her heretical lover. So she planned to get her husband out of the way. The police conducted a speedy interrogation of the accused Sangeet. After which the fellowship was broken. She then told police that she was going to Vapi for casual labor.

Two or three years ago today, he met Ashfaq, who runs a puncture shop in Bhadakmora, Vapi. The two then fell in love. Her husband was also informed about this. So that there were frequent disputes between the two. So Sangeeta had a plan with a heretical lover to get her husband out of the way of her love affair.
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On November 23, Sangeeta invited her boyfriend Ashfaq home with her. After that, Shankar Chaudhary, who fell asleep late at night, was killed by the accused. After the murder, Shankar Chaudhary’s body was dumped in a field a short distance from his house. Ashfaq and Sagarit then changed their clothes and fled.

The accused lover was nabbed by the police from Madhya Pradesh
Accused Ashfaq left for UP with his cousin after the murder. He left for Kushtinagar, UP. The police then picked up the accused from Madhya Pradesh and brought the clothes. Ashfaq collapsed when police conducted his initial interrogation and he confessed to the whole incident.

Captured by a photo taken by a homeguard
In this case, DSP Dr. Zala said that late at night, the Home Guard personnel were on duty near Kaprada Dabhadi. Ithalbhai Shakaram Chowdhury, Umeshbhai Bhuvanbhai Chowdhury and Vineshbhai Rameshbhai Chowdhury then stopped the accused on suspicion. He was later questioned and photographed. The photo was also shown to the deceased’s elder brother and villagers. It was then learned that the accused had committed the murder along with Sangeeta. However, the accused had fled to UP and were then chased away from Madhya Pradesh.

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