Go Fashion shares: This is an IPO with a return of Rs 28,161 on an investment of Rs 14,490

It happened as expected ..! Women’s Bottom & zwnj; Wear & zwnj; Company ‘Go Colors & zwnj;’ IPO Super & zwnj; Duper & zwnj; Hit. Shares of the company closed 81.5 percent higher on the opening day. Santam Market on Tuesday & zwnj; Despite the ups and downs, the company has not been able to turn its share. IPO allotment Deccan investors flock to buy.

Go Colors & zwnj; Rs 1014 crore public & zwnj; Came to the issue. The shares were allotted at a price of Rs.655-Rs.690. Shares of the company opened at Rs 1316 on the BSE at 10 am on Tuesday. This means that the issue price is registered at 90% premium as compared to Rs.690. The BSE touched an intraday high of Rs 1341 and a low of Rs 1144. It finally closed at Rs.1252.

Go Colors in NSE It touched an intraday high of Rs 1333. At one point it touched a low of Rs.1143 and finally ended 81 per cent higher at Rs.1253. The company has allotted 21 shares per lot.

BS & zwnj; The first day distributed huge profits to a lot. The average investment for a lot is Rs.14,490. The stock traded at an intraday high of Rs 1,341, up from Rs 28,161. A minimum of Rs 1144 would have fetched Rs 24,024. The closing price is Rs 2,252 and Rs 26,292 per hand. Markets have a good reputation for the brand! Women & zwnj; Selling a variety of apparel in Bottomware. Selling clothing at retail, e-tile, and online. & nbsp; their market & zwnj; It is investing in technology and other sectors to increase its stake. Lockdown for the first time The company, which had registered a small loss, immediately recovered and made a profit.

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