Stray cats are becoming victims of suspected disease, the virus is deadly


  • Stray cats are becoming victims of viral infections.
  • Several cats have died from the infection in the past two months.
  • Pet cats are vaccinated against the disease.

Vadodara- Cats are becoming victims of suspected viral infection panleukopenia in Vadodara city. According to a veterinarian in the city, several cats have died from the infection in the past two months. In some cases, the entire family of cats has become infected.

Panleukopenia is a disease in which white blood cells are depleted from the body. The disease is caused by a virus of the Parvovirus group, called Feline panleukopenia (FPLV). Symptoms of this disease include vomiting, dry hair, runny eyes and runny nose. It is worth mentioning that the cat enthusiasts who were feeding the cats roaming in their area on time noticed that the cats were disappearing.

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“All six cats in my house died earlier this month,” said Moin Bhavnagari, who lives in the Tandalja area. About two and a half years ago a cat came to our house and gave birth to a kitten. The cat and her five cubs lived with us, but all died within 12 days.

It is to be mentioned that such cases are being seen not only in Tandalja, but also in other areas. The case has also come up in Tarsali, Mandvi and Makarpura. According to the coordinator of the compassionate center for the treatment of animals, the infection has increased over a period of about two months. Our team members are aware of this. “I had seven cats in my house,” said Amarin Hussain Momin, who lives in the Tandalja area. He died of the disease. I was on tour when this happened. Doctors say similar cases have occurred with others.

Veterinarian Sagar Khimani says that 20-30 cases with symptoms like FPL have come to my notice. But no specific tests have been performed, as these tests are expensive and most cats that suffer from the disease are not pets. Cats that have pets are vaccinated against FPLV. It is noteworthy that most cats infected with the virus are very young. The virus is found only in cats, it does not harm humans.


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