The game was in full swing


  • A warning incident happened in Bhamaria village of Balasinor taluka.
  • The teen was playing games in the phone while charging, suddenly exploded.
  • The blast injured all five fingers of his left hand.

Balasinor- An incident has taken place in Bhamriya in Vasadra Gram Panchayat of Balasinor taluka from which all children and their parents should learn a lesson. It often happens that the phone explodes due to talking on the phone while charging or falling asleep while charging. A similar tragedy happened to a 14-year-old boy here. The teenager’s phone was charging and he was playing games with the phone in his left hand. Five fingers of his left hand were injured when the phone exploded.

The teenager was rushed to an orthopedic hospital in Bydgoszcz with serious injuries. Doctors at the hospital performed an immediate operation, but the teenager suffered permanent damage to all five of his fingers. It is possible that he will not be able to use this terra for the rest of his life. According to the information received, the teenager’s name is Parmar Ajaykumar Sardarbhai. His father Parmar Sardarbhai Somabhai comes from a poor family. Adolescent Ajay Kumar cannot hear from a young age. He studies in a deaf and dumb hostel at Godhra.

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The parents were always worried because of the natural loss of the son. They tried to keep his son happy by fulfilling his wishes as much as possible. Now the parents are very worried about such an accident with their beloved son. The five fingers of Ajay Kumar’s left hand have been removed. He was treated immediately at the orthopedic hospital. Doctors operated but said the fingers were permanently damaged.

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Doctors at Bydgoszcz hospital where the surgery was performed said that such injuries were not possible due to falling, bruising or fractures. This is definitely due to the blast. The rebellion also damaged the skin of the palm. At present, the teenager has been given leave.


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