First Test: Ashwin quarreled with the umpire for one thing


  • Danger area sparked controversy between Indian off-spinner Ashwin and umpire Nitin Menon
  • After throwing the ball, Ashwin crossed the danger area and blocked the way for a non-striker batter.
  • Seeing Ashwin’s altercation with the umpire, skipper Ajinkya Rahane reached there and calmed down the situation.

India’s performance in the first Test match against New Zealand at the Green Park Stadium in Kanpur has been superb. India are currently in a strong position as the spinners have made a splash. However, on the third day of the match, Indian off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin clashed with umpire Nitin Menon on Saturday. Due to which Captain Ajinkya Rahane had to intervene.

The Indian team was bowling on the third day of the match on Saturday. India’s first success was given to Ashwin. However, he was later bowled by umpire Nitin Mann while he was bowling.

It so happened that Ashwin was bowling round the wicket but he was getting over the wicket after throwing the ball. Meanwhile, he was crossing the danger area of ​​the pitch and blocking the way of the batter at the non-striker end.

It was taken by umpire Nitin Mann. When this happened two or three times, Ashwin had a falling out with the umpire. There was a dispute between him and the umpire. Later, skipper Ajinkya Rahane intervened and had a conversation with the umpire. However, the umpire was adamant. Notably, the umpiring in the Kanpur Test has been disappointing. Mann has also been given some wrong decisions.

In a TV scene, head coach Rahul Dravid is seen trying to talk to match referee Javagal Srinath. Later commentators also say that Ashwin intervenes with the non-strike batsman rather than stopping the umpire’s vision and can stop him from taking quick singles.

What is a Danger Area?
The area in the center of the cricket pitch i.e. in front of the stumps is called Danger Area. According to the rules of cricket, no bowler should land here during his follow-through as it is a center area and is required for batting. The umpires are constantly watching to ensure that the area is not damaged.


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