A college professor in Anand made a video call to a naked student.


  • A college professor from Anand made a video call to a naked student.
  • The frightened student made representations to the college administrators, but no action was taken
  • The student has made written representations to the Prime Minister, President, Chief Minister, Governor

Anand With the advent of the internet and smartphones, crime has also increased. Nowadays, people also commit crimes through video calls without realizing it. Harassing and making nasty demands by making video calls is no longer a sham. That is when such a case came up. A college professor from Anand, who teaches animal treatment and surgery, is embroiled in controversy.

The professor has been accused of making a video call to a college student while she was naked. Not only that, they also made nasty demands by making video calls. The student was shocked by the incident. He made a presentation to the administrators of the college. However, no action was taken against the professor by the college administrators. After which the matter was raised in writing to the Chief Minister, Governor, President and Prime Minister.
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It is alleged that the son of the Chancellor of a university did this feat in the case of stigmatizing Anand and Vidyanagar, the hubs of education. Just a few days ago, a professor who was teaching in the college abused his father’s position and made a video call to a college student in a naked state. He then made a nasty demand. The student was shocked. The student, along with her sisters, approached the college administrators to prevent the professor from repeating the same thing in the future.
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No action was taken despite the college administrators reporting the matter. Later, the matter came to a head. Eventually the bored student made a high-pitched demand and demanded justice. High-level written submissions also include screenshot photos. However, no complaint has been lodged in the police station by the student or her family in this regard. It remains to be seen what kind of action will be taken against this Naradham professor.

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