Governor Vs Government: Why the conflict between the Telangana government and the governor? What is the real problem?


Governor Vs Government :  The dispute between the Telangana government and the governor was thought to have ended with the developments during the budget meetings. But as the Telangana government unexpectedly approached the Supreme Court, it became clear that there was no positive atmosphere between the governor and the government. Now that the government has gone to court, the dispute seems to have escalated. Governor Tamilisai’s remarks addressed to the Chief Secretary of the Telangana Government that he should come to Raj Bhavan instead of going to Delhi is causing a stir.  She says that CS is not really respected. The political circles are not able to understand what the real problem is. 

Governor Tamilisai has put ten bills pending.   

Ten bills passed by the assembly are pending with Telangana Governor. In the assembly meetings held in September last year, both houses approved only one of the 8 bills. Seven bills are pending. Among the bills passed in the recently held budget meetings,  The governor immediately approved the currency exchange bill‌ Tamil Sai Three more   No decision has been taken on the bills yet. Governor‌ A decision has to be made. Telangana ministers criticized this in the past. But now the Telangana government has directly gone to the  Supreme Court. The governor is not approving the bills.. She requested the governor to be ordered to take a decision immediately.  

The Telangana government went to the High Court and completely backed down!

This is not the first time for the Telangana government to go to court against the Governor. Recently, a petition was filed in the High Court after the governor did not approve the proposed budget in the assembly. But later  withdrawn the bill and agreed to put the governor’s speech in the assembly. The speech went smoothly. The Governor had no problem with the protocol. According to that, the governor also did not go into controversies anywhere in his speech. Also passed the Currency Exchange Bill. But other bills are kept pending. With this the controversy started. 

Is there a dispute about the protocol?

Even though there was an agreement near the budget meetings, the Telangana government has not provided the protocol to the governor and it is being spread that the governor is angry. It is felt that the Chief Secretary is not even meeting him politely. Normally, when a new CS comes, the governor is met politely. But CS Shanti Kumari did not meet. Participated in the Republic Day celebrations as per the order of the High Court but did not hold a special meeting. Also, the BRS leaders are under the impression that the governor is doing politics and there is a need to give her a protocol. It is believed that the controversy has started again. 

If the governor rejects the bills, there is a possibility that the government will try to pass the bills in the assembly again. No problem if accepted. Without approving it.. without rejecting it and keeping it pending‌ even if the assembly passes those laws.. they will not come into effect.  

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