Double Bedroom House: Good news – Double bedroom houses for beneficiaries soon: Minister Talasani

–  Plan for distribution of sheep units to 3.38 lakh beneficiaries
–  Increase in unit cost of sheep from 1.25 lakhs to 1.75 lakhs
–  Transport tenders should be taken up for distribution of sheep in every district, awareness programs should be conducted
–  Insurance facility, geo tagging should be done for every sheep
–  Conducting eye tests for 97 lakh people under eye light
–  Inviting new applications under GO No. 58, 59 till April 30
–  Extension of cut-off date for land regularization till June 02, 2020
–  Allotment of double bedroom houses to beneficiaries should be completed quickly

Warangal: The second phase of sheep distribution scheme launched by CM KCR should be strictly implemented. State Animal Husbandry Department, Cinematography Minister Thalasani Srinivas Yadav said. State Animal Husbandry Department, Cinematography Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav from Hyderabad, Government Chief Secretary Shanti Kumari   along with state level senior officials  Distribution of second batch of sheep, Kanti Velam, health women, construction of two bedrooms in urban areas, 58, 59, 76 , 118 Govt. G.O. A video meeting was held and reviewed with the District Collectors on regularization and fallow lands to be done as per , said that 7.31 lakh beneficiaries have been selected across the state and 50 percent distribution has been completed in the first phase.  He said that 3.38 lakh sheep units which are currently pending under the second phase of sheep distribution will be distributed. 

The government has increased the unit cost of sheep from 1.25 lakh to 1.75 lakh, of which 25 percent i.e. 43 thousand 750 rupees will be shared by the beneficiary. , the minister said that the government will release the remaining one lakh 31 thousand 250 rupees subsidy and hold awareness meetings with the beneficiaries in the district and collect the share from the beneficiaries. Regarding the purchase of sheep, mapping of the nearby markets has been done and a senior level official should be appointed from each district to purchase the sheep, he said. He said that insurance facility and Geo tagging will be done for each sheep and tenders for transportation of sheep should be taken up in every district immediately. The minister ordered that a special committee should be set up in each district regarding the purchase of sheep and it should be implemented under the supervision of the collectors.  

Then State CS Shanti Kumari reviewed the issue of eyesight and said that 15.65 lakh reading glasses were distributed to 97 lakh people in 47 days and 12.18 lakh prescription glasses were ordered and more than 7.4 lakh were ordered for districts. CS said that the prescription spectacles have arrived. The CS advised the Collectors to pay special attention so that the prescription spectacles reaching the districts are delivered to the beneficiaries at their doorsteps at the earliest.  He said that the quality of the eye light camps should be continuously monitored and the quality control teams in the district should visit widely. He said that it has been referred for. He said that wide publicity should be given to the health women’s program among the people, necessary facilities are being provided in the referral hospital and full treatment will be provided free of charge to women. He said that there is a possibility of improvement and wide publicity should be spread through MEPMA, Mahila Sanghas, ANM, Asha in the district and in the future more health women’s centers will be set up in more PHCs. It was informed that the details of the vacant lands should be registered in the newly designed portal, this portal has new entries, edit and confirmation sections, the details registered by the MROs should be verified by the RDO and this process should be completed within three days.

CS has issued orders on the progress regarding the order number 58, 59, 76, 118 issued by the government regarding the issue of regularization of lands. It is stated that the pending  distribution of tracks regarding Government order 58 should be completed on a weekday and attention should be paid to the collection of regularization fee regarding Government order number 59. He said that another opportunity has been given to apply under 58,59, the cutoff date has been extended to June 02, 2020 and the deadline for receiving applications is April 30. He said that the applications which have been rejected in Government Order No. 58 and 59 should be given information to those who are eligible under the new rules who are not reviewed again.  
Decisions on double bedroom houses
The CS appreciated that there is good progress in allotment of beneficiaries of double bedroom houses built in urban areas across the state.   He said that online registration of beneficiary details should be completed by April 15. In this video conference, Hanumakonda District Collector Sikta Patnaik said that screening tests, cancer and other related tests will be conducted for 150 to 200 women every Tuesday in health women’s camps in the district. He said that he will speed up this program with DRDA and MEPMA officials.  They said they will upload 2bhk reports by April 15.

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