Congress Vs BJP: ‘If JPC’s demand is put in the dustbin…’, Congress lashed out at Center for passing Bills without discussion

Congress On Parliament Deadlock: On Saturday (April 1), the Congress, while talking about the deadlock in Parliament, once again surrounded the Central Government on the issue of Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC). The Congress is demanding the setting up of a Joint Parliamentary Committee on the Adani issue. Addressing the media at the AICC headquarters in Delhi, Congress leader Jairam Ramesh hit out at the government for passing key bills and budget without discussion in Parliament amid disruptions. 

According to the news agency PTI, Ramesh said that the government passed the Finance Bill in the Lok Sabha amid an uproar and in a similar situation, the Rajya Sabha returned it. More such bills may be passed in the coming days. With this, he said, “If the JPC’s demand is thrown into the dustbin, then it is sad that the bills will be passed in an uproar.”

Congress targets government over Parliament deadlock

With this, the Congress alleged that the government is not making any effort to compromise with the opposition to remove the deadlock in the Parliament. Jairam Ramesh claimed that there is no middle way in the Parliament. He said that for the first time the budget session can prove to be useless. Significantly, the second part of the budget session of Parliament, which began on March 13, has seen deadlock for most of the time so far. The budget session will end on April 6.

‘JPC will continue to demand’

Let us tell you that while the opposition is unitedly demanding to set up a JPC to investigate the Adani case, the ruling party is asking Rahul Gandhi to apologize for his statement on his visit to London. Rahul Gandhi during his visit to London had allegedly made a statement that ‘democracy is in danger’ in India and sought foreign intervention. The ruling party says that Rahul Gandhi has insulted the country and its institutions by making such a statement.

Congress is also aggressive towards the government on the issue of cancellation of Rahul Gandhi’s parliament membership. The Congress has cited the Adani controversy as the reason behind Rahul’s loss of parliament membership. During the press conference, Jairam Ramesh said that all 19 opposition parties are united on the demand of JPC in the Adani case and on Monday (April 3) as well Will continue with our demand.

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