MP’s finance minister talking on bullock cart, Congress had fun, said – will have to sit on this in future


  • Congress MLA taunts MP Finance Minister Jagdish Deora
  • Picture of minister talking while sitting on bullock cart goes viral
  • Congress MLA Praveen Pathak took a jibe at the viral picture
  • The MLA has taken a pinch regarding the prices of petrol and diesel

A picture of MP (Madhya Pradesh News Update) Finance Minister Jagdish Deora is viral. Congress MLA Praveen Pathak has fun on the viral picture. Finance Minister Jagdish Deora is talking on the phone sitting on a bullock cart. This picture is now viral on social media. The Congress MLA has made fun of it by linking it to the rising prices of petrol and diesel.

Sharing the picture, Praveen Pathak has written that the finance minister of MP government is so visionary that he knows that the way his government is running the state, he will have to sit on bullock cart in future. State Finance Minister Jagdish Deora while discussing the phone. After this, social media users are also enjoying a lot.

A user named Rajiv Mishra wrote that Priyanka Gandhi will have to sweep door to door. During this, many users have also trolled Praveen Pathak. Along with this, the 70-year tenure of Congress has also been reminded. It is worth mentioning that Praveen Pathak is MLA from Gwalior. He is also very active in the work of the organization. He is also seen with Kamal Nath regarding the preparations for the MP by-election.

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