MP By Election Result Update: Congress candidate Kalpana Verma was harassed by fear of disturbances, guarding EVMs outside the strong room

After the by-election voting in Satna district, the ballot boxes are kept in the Satna Collectorate Building Strong Room, but Congress candidate Kalpana Verma The fear is haunting. Ever since the EVM machines have been kept in the strong room after the voting, Congress candidate Kalpana Verma is continuously sitting with her supporters day and night to ensure that there is no disturbance.

Voting was held on October 30 in the by-election to Raigaon assembly in Satna district. EVMs will be counted on November 2. But the Congress candidate is terrified of it. During the election campaign, forgetting the fatigue, the Congress candidate is sitting in the strong room, so that there is no continuous disturbance. Kalpana Burma’s sitting with supporters remains a topic of discussion in Satna district.

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Kalpana Verma is competing with Pratima Bagri
In Raigaon Assembly Constituency, the main contest is between Congress and BJP. Congress had made Kalpana Verma its candidate for the contest from Pratima Bagri on behalf of BJP. CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan came here six times to give victory to the BJP candidate. Also had 24 meetings. Not only this, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, BJP State President BD Sharma, Ministers Brijendra Pratap Singh, Narottam Mishra and UP Deputy CM Keshav Maurya also held an election meeting.

You are an outsider, leave immediately – Congress candidate furious at BJP MP meeting in Raigaon

Kamal Nath visited for Kalpana Verma
At the same time, in order to make Kalpana Verma win on behalf of the Congress, Kamal Nath made two visits and appealed to the people to vote for the Congress candidate. Ajay Singh Rahul was mainly handling the front from the Congress side. People also say that in Raigaon assembly constituency of Satna, the main contest was changed from Kalpana Verma and Pratima Bagri to Ganesh Singh of BJP and Ajay Singh Rahul of Congress.


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