Rajasthan: Priest molested girl in temple premises, case registered against three including one woman

Shri Ganga Nagar
In the state, where women crime and rape cases are continuously coming to the fore. Meanwhile, a shocking case has come to light from Sriganganagar. Here, on behalf of the priest of a temple, the matter of misbehavior with the woman has come to the fore. It is learned that in Sri Ganganagar, a priest got so intoxicated with lust that he broke the limits of human relationships in the temple premises itself. According to the information, the rape victim is a 22-year-old girl. Police have registered a case against Pujari, an unidentified youth and a girl who helped him in this matter.

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father gave police report
According to the information, a twenty-two-year-old girl, who came to serve in the morning and evening at Shri Hanuman temple located in the Housing Board Colony of Ganganagar, was sexually exploited by the priest of the temple and an unknown youth with the help of a young woman. Now the Mahila Thana Police has registered a case on the report given by the father of the 22-year-old victim. A case has been registered on the part of the girl’s father on the charges of mass-abuse and illegally attempting abortion. Here the police have also controlled the priest this morning. The victim is under treatment in the hospital.

Victim girl is said to be mentally weak
According to the information received, two rooms of the temple have also been sealed after the incident. In this, there is a suspicion of this girl being abused. The office bearers of the temple management committee and the devotees are shocked to know about this abominable act happening in the shrine. The victim girl is said to be mentally naive and retarded.

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what is the whole matter
According to police sources, the 22-year-old girl used to come to the Shri Hanuman Mandir located near a park in Jawaharnagar police station area for regular service from 8 am to 12 noon and from 5 to 7 pm for five years. She used to do cleaning and other service work of the idols of deities in the temple. The father told in the report that for the last 1 week his daughter started living silent, on inquiry it was found that she had pain in her stomach and back. The day before yesterday when his pain became more, then he told the whole thing.

3 months pregnant
According to the father, the daughter told that the priest in the temple and an unknown youth used to do wrong things to her and she is pregnant for 3 months. A young woman who came to the temple helped him in this work. On coming to know that she was pregnant, she brought pills to eat, due to which she started bleeding. According to the father, he did not tell anyone even because of public shame and infamy, but on Thursday, the daughter started bleeding more and her condition started deteriorating, then informed the family members. After this, the family kept on getting him treated. When there was some improvement in the condition, he gave a report to the police station.

At present, the police is scrutinizing the footage of the CCTV cameras installed in the temple and its surrounding area. The police was also engaged in interrogating that medical store person. From this, pills for abortion were brought and given to the victim.

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