Abandoned education at the age of 16, fortune turned upside down in Corona Call, owner of Rs 450 crore

New Delhi: Ever since the coronavirus epidemic broke out, everyone and industry has suffered. During this time many lost their jobs. Where many people’s businesses have been destroyed, there are many whose fortunes have changed overnight. Corona proved to be a turning point for a man living in Leeds, England. The man’s name is Steve Parkin. Parkin became a millionaire after leaving school at the age of 16.
Steve Parkin started an online logistics delivery company called ‘Man with a van’ in 1992. The fortunes of his company shone during the Corona. He now owns the company’s large warehouses along Motorway and has been shipping goods from companies such as Marks & Spencer, ASDA and Morrison to its customers.

According to Business Insider, Steve Parkin He is now the tenth richest man in Yorkshire and has amassed a fortune of Rs 450 crore over the last year. The company said its business grew by 39.1% to about Rs 700 crore and its manpower increased by 2,000.

This means that the Parkinson firm employs 10,000 people. Leeds-born Steve Parkin is the son of a fisherman who allegedly dropped out of school at the age of 16 before obtaining his HGV driver’s license without any qualifications. Her first job was driving for the Bonmarche Clothing Company.

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