Lockdown resumes, 11 days lockdown after 40,000 new cases arrive

New Delhi: The second wave of corona had not yet completely stopped when the infection started spreading once again. Corona is wreaking havoc in Russia again. In the last 24 hours, more than 40,000 new cases have been reported, the highest number since the onset of the epidemic. At the same time 1159 people have lost their lives. The Putin government has decided to impose an 11-day lockdown to control the Corona."im" style ="user-select: text! important; color: # 500050;">

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Russia reported 40,096 new cases and 1,159 fatalities, as Moscow shuts down non-essential services for 11 days to combat the surge in COVID19 infections: AFP

& mdash; ANI (@ANI) October 28, 2021

Schools, colleges, malls, restaurants and markets in Russia A closure order has been issued. The government has only allowed the opening of drug stores and grocery stores.

Vladimir Putin said that in 85 regions of Russia where the situation is particularly critical. Yes, work can be stopped earlier and holidays can be extended beyond November 7.

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