Pakistan Crisis: Merciless economic crisis in Pakistan, instead of seeing the faces of hungry children, poor mothers are embracing death!

Islamabad : Huge crowds at food distribution points, sometimes turning into stampedes, have become a common sight in Pakistan after the onset of Ramzan. Recently 12 people were killed in Karachi which included children and women. Their only fault was that they wanted to get a sack of free flour. Flour has become so expensive in Pakistan that the only way out for people is to stand in such queues and risk stampede. The figures are more accurately describing the burden on the poor people of Pakistan. According to the consumer price index, commodity prices rose 35 percent in March from a year earlier, the highest since 1965.

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Pakistani-American journalist Rafia Zakaria has written in one of her articles that Pakistan is in dire need of funds to release the $1 billion tranche. Without this fund, Pakistan may default which will result in the country plunging into worse conditions. If the poor are now queuing up for flour and oil, then defaulting means queuing up for everything.

Bad condition of patients in hospitals

Zakaria wrote, patients are dying in hospitals because there is a famine in the country for life-saving drugs. The supply of medicines is already low, about which pharmaceuticals are giving serious warnings. People have to turn to the black market to get anything. He wrote in his article that most of those who died in the stampede for flour were women. It is the women who have to deal with the hunger of children and empty pots on the stove.

Accept death instead of facing children

He wrote that hunger and thirst during the day in the month of Ramadan are part of a period of spiritual focus. But imagine, the intense pain and agony of an endless fast where the non-existence of food means the fast is endless and the hunger constant. They are saying that nothing is more painful than the pangs of hunger. It is their fierce patience that led to the death of many mothers in the recent Karachi stampede. These were the mothers who died rather than face the disapproving eyes of their starving children. Rafia Zakaria wrote, ‘Mothers dying instead of disappointing their children is a new depth of humanity.’

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