Muslims in India: Nirmala Sitharaman showed the mirror in America, the condition of Muslims in India is much better than in Pakistan

washington: Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, during an event at the US-based Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE), reprimanded a perception of western countries for India. Here Sitharaman has given a befitting reply on the negative western perception for India. Sitharaman said here that the condition of Muslims in India is much better than that of Muslims living in Pakistan. Sitharaman has arrived on Sunday to participate in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank meeting.

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Don’t believe in misconceptions

Nirmala Sitharaman was asked a question related to perceptions affecting investment or capital flows in India. In response, Sitharaman said, ‘I think the answer lies with the investors who are coming to India. These are the investors who have been coming to India for the last many years. To any investor who is interested in getting investment, I would just tell them to see what is happening in India and not believe in the misconceptions of some people who are not aware of the ground reality and just prepared reports. Let’s do it.

Told the truth about partition

PIIE President Adam S. Posen then asked Sitharaman about the widespread reporting in the Western media about opposition MPs losing their positions and violence against Muslim minorities in India. To this the Finance Minister replied, ‘India is the country in the world where Muslims have the second largest population and it is only increasing. If there is a perception or there is any reality in this or if one feels that the life of Muslims in India has been made difficult with the support of the states, would the Muslim population have increased as compared to 1947?’ Sitharaman then referred to Partition. He drew comparisons between India at the time of partition and the newly created country of Pakistan.

Muslims in India and Pakistan

Sitharaman said that if there has been a decline in the number of minorities, it is Pakistan. Pakistan which has declared itself as an Islamic country and promised to protect the minorities, today there is a decrease in the number of every minority community. He said that even some Muslim sects have been wiped out. Sitharaman said, “There is violence against Muhajirs, Shias and every other group you can name. These are such Muslim communities which are not accepted in the mainstream. While in India you will find that Muslims of every class are doing their own business, their children are getting educated. Sitharaman informed that the children of certain communities are being given fellowship by the government.

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