US Covid-19 National Emergency: Biden signs bill to end Covid emergency, people get relief

US National Emergency: US President Joe Biden has signed a bill on Monday (April 10) to end the National Health Emergency regarding Kovid-19. Now the law to prevent the corona virus epidemic in America is over.

America’s Biden administration had announced the end of the National Emergency in the beginning of this year itself. According to information from the New York Post, the law prepared by Rep. Paul Gosar was passed in Parliament in February itself.

Was enacted during the Trump administration
The new law immediately repeals the National Emergency and Public Health health emergency, which was first enacted during the Trump administration. At the same time, this law was continued in the government led by Joe Biden. Former US President Donald Trump for the first time on March 13, 2020 Corona virus declared national emergency.

The National Emergency related to Corona has been abolished after more than three years. To abolish the law, it was introduced by Paul Gosar, a member of the US House of Representatives. There were 229 votes in favor of abolishing this law, while 197 votes were cast in favor of continuing it. After this it was also passed in the Senate, where it was passed by a margin of 68-23.

Government will not bear the cost
After this new announcement, federal finance has been allowed to be freed up to cities and states for testing and vaccination centers. This means that the government will no longer bear the burden of any kind of expenditure. However, it is not yet clear that after Biden’s signing, what will be the impact on immigration policy and student loan scheme policy.

The White House said in January that Biden would end the national and public health emergency on May 11 after the respiratory disease that originated in China’s Wuhan killed more than 1 million Americans.

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