China-Taiwan Conflict: There will be an important meeting between American speaker and Taiwanese President, China’s uneasiness may increase

China-Taiwan Dispute: Tension between China and Taiwan is increasing. Both countries are warning each other. Taiwan fears that China can infiltrate anytime. The Taiwanese Defense Minister himself has issued an alert. Meanwhile, news is coming that America’s speaker Kevin McCarthy has planned to meet Taiwan’s President Sai Ing Wen. This meeting can further increase the tension between China and Taiwan. 

According to media reports, US Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Taiwan President Sai Ing Wen will meet in America. However, it has not been officially confirmed that when this meeting will take place and what will be its real purpose. It is believed that after this meeting, the bitterness between America and China may intensify.

Tension increased after Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan 

According to the Reuters news agency, the President of Taiwan will be on a visit to the United States in the coming weeks. During this, she is planning to meet US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. It is worth mentioning that in August last year, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the Lower House of Representatives in the US Parliament, had visited Taiwan. After his visit, the tension between Taiwan and China increased.  China had created a war-like atmosphere around Taiwan. 

Bitterness may increase 

According to media reports, the meeting between the President of Taiwan and the American speaker has many meanings. Recently, Taiwan’s Defense Minister had said that the Chinese army can find an excuse to enter Taiwan’s territorial air and sea area. We need to be on alert mode. Meanwhile, the President’s meeting with the American speaker is like a message for China. Before this America has always been helping Taiwan. 

On the other hand, America is openly with Ukraine in the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. And China is in support of Russia. Along with this, after the recent discovery of a Chinese spy balloon in the sky of America, the atmosphere between the two countries is hot. In such a situation, the closeness between Taiwan and America can provoke China. It is known that Taiwan has said many times before that it will exercise its right of self-defense and will retaliate if Chinese forces enter its territory. 

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