Mobile Safety Alert: Alarm bells for mobile sellers in junk, hackers can steal your personal data, take precautions

Mobile Safety Alert : When the phone is old or damaged, people often leave it at home. For a few days, that phone remains in the junk, after which the family members or we sell it in the junk, or in the street-mohalla, to the seller of pulses, garlic, cumin and utensils. This deal may cost you dearly. Actually, such phones go further in the mobile market and there hackers can take out the data of your phone and misuse it. Many such cases have also come to the fore. If you are also doing this then this news is important for you. We are telling you how you can avoid it.

what do thugs steal

This is how the error happens

Keep these things in mind

  • The mobile has become old and you want to change it, then you must delete the data of the old phone as soon as you go to the new phone. For this you should choose the option of factory reset. This will not save anything in the phone.
  • If the phone is damaged and you are not able to delete its data, then avoid selling that phone. Keep it at home. Or if you are in a position to get it repaired, then get it repaired and delete the data and then sell it.
  • Nowadays there are many companies that take e-waste. You should give better to these companies than selling such phones here and there. These companies destroy e-waste. With this, your data will not fall into the wrong hands. However, choose the company properly.
  • You should avoid giving such old phones even in the hands of children. Many times children throw it while playing. Later this phone can be in the hands of an unknown person and he can misuse it.
  • While selling the phone, please logout from Gmail, Facebook, Instagram and other accounts from it. < /li>

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