rahul madhav mamta mohandas neha saxena starrer lalbagh movie review rating

Mystery thriller based on language and presentation!
Jeans K Benny
After Paisa Paisa, Lalbag is a mystery thriller film written and directed by Prashant Murali Padmanabhavan. Mamta Mohandas will play the lead role in the film, which is titled ‘Garden City of Sins’. Tom (Sijoy Varghese) and Sarah (Mamta Mohandas) are a happy couple. Tom, who was lying down after their daughter’s birthday party, never wakes up again. The postmortem revealed that the food contained toxins. Although initially thought to be a suicide, DCP Hedge (Rahul Dev Shetty) is investigating on suspicion of murder. At the end of the party, only Tom and Sarah’s close friends were left. The plot of the movie was to prepare a great mystery thriller. The mystery of the police investigation presents important parts and findings in Kannada. As the story takes place in Bangalore, it is not a good idea for Kannada characters to speak Malayalam, but it could have been subtitled considering Malayalam cinema. The major findings of the case therefore go unnoticed by the audience. Especially conversations with DCP doctors. Along with the language, the presentation also pulls the film backwards. The story is told in a narrative pattern. This eliminates the thriller experience that the audience would have had. The documentary feel is provided by many scenes. The suspense element that the audience can understand in the first few minutes is stretched to the end just to show the motive of the murder. Mamta and Sijoy Varghese are also disappointed in the performance. The predominance of melodrama is the performance in the scenes and acting. Neha Saxena and VK Prakash in small roles have performed flawlessly in their small screen space. The cinematography of the film is by Anthony Joe. Most of the scenes are interior scenes, with Anthony Joe overcoming small space limitations with his cinematic excellence. The plot for the short film, which is less than an hour long, was brought to an hour and a half. The film manages to entertain as well as inform.
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