The case of insulting the presenter; Actor Srinath Bhasi temporarily banned from films

Actor Srinath Bhasi temporarily banned from films for insulting online anchor. The actor has been banned by the Film Producers Association. They have informed that they will not interfere in Srinath’s case in any way. The actor was arrested and released on bail by the police after he behaved indecently with the online host. After that, the producers’ association has now taken action against the actor.

The organization also summoned the complainant online journalist and sought an explanation. Srinath Bhasi has admitted that he made a mistake and said that he will not repeat it, but the Film Producers Association has informed in a press conference that action is being taken. It has been informed that he will be asked to temporarily step aside after completing the films he is currently acting in.

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At the same time, the police is also probing whether Srinath Bhasi used drugs in the case of indecency with the anchor. Samples of Bhasi’s nails, hair and blood have been sent for police testing.

The Vice President of Kerala Producers Association Kalliyur Sasi had responded to Malayalam the other day that he had heard constant complaints from the producers against Srinath Bhasi before and it was decided to ban him in this situation.

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