arakkar theatrical Release: After the theatrical release, Marakkaare will be released; Priyan – Mohanlal starrer marakkar will stream on ott after theatrical release


  • In many languages ​​besides Malayalam
  • The film has a budget of Rs 100 crore

The actor has hinted that the Lion of the Arabian Sea will be released soon after its theatrical release Mohanlal. He was speaking at a news conference ahead of the film’s worldwide release on December 2. The grand trailer of the movie was also released today. He also said that the controversy erupted before deciding where to release the film.

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He did not respond to a request for comment. The contract with ODT was signed after the theatrical release was decided. He told the media that the film will be released immediately after its theatrical release. “It’s an experiment, and that’s what we’re trying to do in so many languages,” Lal said. Through this film, I realized a belief I had in myself during my forty years of film career. The belief that a film can be made to international standards.

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Priyan said that Antony and Lalu supported that belief. OTD is a boon to new filmmakers. Movies on a large canvas should come to the theater itself. We are grateful to ‘Kuruppi’ for showing us that people come to the theater after the Kovid scare. Priyadarshan Said at the press conference.

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