suriya movie: Surya Rajakannin’s Parvathy gets Rs. 1 crore for helping the Kuruva community 10 lakh was reportedly given! – actor suriya donates rs 10 lakhs to the real-life wife of rajakannu, parvathy ammal


  • Actor Surya finances Parvathy
  • It is reported that Rs 10 lakh was deposited in the account

The latest news surrounding the recently discussed film ‘Jai Bhim’ by the South Indian film industry is now gaining attention. Surya and Jyothika co-produced the film with Surya in the lead and directed by SJ Gnanavell. The film is based on a true story.

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The story of the film is based on a police attack on a small tribal community. With the release of ‘Jai Bhim’, the current situation of Parvathy, the wife of Rajakannan, who was brutally murdered in this police raid, also made headlines. Parvathy’s life as Sengini in ‘Jai Bhim’ interacted with the audience. However, reports said that Parvathy’s current life is very different from that of Sengini in the film. Their second child had died. Parvathy now lives with her family in a shanty hut in Porur, Chennai.

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When Lijomo played the role of Sengini in the film, Manikandan played the role of Rajakanna and Surya’s lawyer Chandru. Now, reports say that actor Surya has come up with huge financial support for Parvathy Ammal. According to the Tamil media, Rs 10 lakh was deposited in Surya Bank in their name.

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According to reports, Rs 10 lakh has been deposited in Parvathy Ammal’s account and the interest will be paid to her every month and her children will receive the amount after her death. Surya had earlier given Rs 1 crore to help the dark-skinned people who had come to Surya’s aid earlier. The cast and crew of the film had earlier promised to provide a new home for Parvathy and her family.

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