kavya madhavan video: Kavya Madhavan’s entry for Gujarati girl’s background music; Dileep – Kavya Jodi’s cinematic entry goes viral – kavya madhavan’s entry with the background music of her film song gujarati … from the movie pulival kalyanam


  • The video of Kavya arriving for Uttara Unni’s wedding goes viral
  • Video edited by fans in cinematic style can go viral
  • Dileep can be seen in the video along with Kavya

Kavya Madhavan Despite being out of the industry, fans are in the forefront of finding and sharing any information about the star on social media. The truth is that so many fans are still waiting to know the story of Kavya. An old video is a fan video that has been created with new background music and is now going viral on social media.

Kavya and Dileep’s video for the song ‘Gujarati Kalthala Kettiya Malayalee Pennannu Nee’ from the movie Puliwal Kalyanam starring Kavya has gone viral. Kavya and Dileep were at the wedding reception of actress and dancer Uttara Unni. The video also shows Kavya hugging Uttara with a full smile. Dileep The video appeared on the Instagram page of Fans World.

After the marriage, Dileep kept Manju Warrier out of the camera’s eyes, and there was already a strong sense of humor that Kavya would never be seen again. However, apart from the fact that Kavya herself deliberately stopped acting in films, Kavya also announces her presence at most of the functions attended by Dileep. The video is copied on mobile and shared by fans. Another fact is that the news of Dileep and his family is quickly taken over by social media.

After Nazir and Sheela, Dileep and Kavya have acted together in most Malayalam movies. The lucky couple on-screen finally got together in real life after a lot of controversy and gossip. Despite many problems after marriage, Dileep and Kavya are now leading a happy family life.

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