yashika: You are still dead Netizen: Rasikas looking at Yashika’s answer – yashika aannand’s cool reply to a netizen wins hearts


  • Netizen asked Yashika if she was dead
  • Yashika responds to Netizen

Injured in car accident Yashika Anand was bedridden on a monthly basis. In this case, he attended the store’s opening ceremony for the first time since the accident.

Yashika is not yet fully healed. He brought the stick to the store opening ceremony. Fans were happy to see him walking with the help of a stick and another, but also worried.

This is a big improvement, said the fans. Yashika posted photos of herself in the dress she wore to the store opening ceremony on Instagram.

Celebrities and fans who saw it greeted. Pray for a speedy and complete recovery. In this case, a social media person asked if you are still dead.

To which Yashikawa replied, “Please pray that I die soon.” The person who saw it, said I will definitely pray.

Yashika says that her friend Bhavani was killed in a car accident. It was at this point that I was told to pray to die soon.
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