naga chaitanya: Are you sure about Anushka and you last night ?: Samantha asked her ex-husband – when nagarjuna asked naga chaitanya about his engagement with anushka shetty


  • Rumor spread like wildfire about Naga Chaitanya and Anushka
  • Nagarjuna called her son and asked questions

An actor who speaks his mind openly Nagarjuna. In this case he had previously interviewed his son and actor Naga Chaitanya Is currently being talked about.

In the interview, Nagarjuna said,

Naga Chaitanya had gone to Switzerland for filming. Then it was rumored that he and actress Anushka were engaged. Early in the morning Naga phoned Chaitanya and said son you are sure of you and Anushka last night. I do not even know.

On hearing this, Naga laughed out loud, saying that it was Saitanya or Nizama. I also phoned Anushka. We both laughed.

It was not known who spread the rumor that Naga had put Chaitanya and Anushka together. In this case it is the work done by one of the producers Anushka Said later.

Naga Chaitanya fell in love with Samantha and got married in October 2017. In this case, the notice of divorce was issued 5 days before the fourth wedding day.
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