Ayothi: A hit film with a great concept… Rajinikanth praises the film Ayothi!

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Actor Rajinikanth has praised actor Sasikumar’s film Ayodhya as a film with a great concept.


Actor Rajinikanth never fails to appreciate good films. Rajinikanth has been praising not only Tamil cinema but also other language films. Even though he is busy with shooting, actor Rajinikanth watches all the films when he gets time. Divinity is praising the films that impress him.
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Meet in person..

Meet in person..

Also, actor Rajinikanth does not hesitate to meet the film crew in person and express his appreciation and congratulations. Similarly, Virudhu has been praising great artistes in person and on social media as well. In that way, he had praised the recently released film Viti Maran directed by Vetri Maran.

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The film ‘Liberation’ is a screen epic and Rajinikanth did not fail to praise Ilaiyaraaja’s music as the director Vethimaran called it the pride of Tamil and Suri’s performance was awe-inspiring. Ilayaraja was also referred to as Raja. Similarly, actor Rajinikanth praised everything like cinematography editing.
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Actor Rajinikanth also showered praises on the crew of Vimithya film in person. In this case, actor Rajinikanth has praised the recently released film Ayodhya starring Sasikumar. In this regard, he posted a tweet saying,
A hit film with a great concept after a long time for friend Sasikumar.
R has proved that he is a great director in his first film. Mantramurthy.
My compliments and congratulations to the producer! As mentioned.
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Rajini Manasu

Rajini Manasu

Following Rajinikanth’s tweet, the hashtag #Ayothi is trending. And the fans of Rajini who have seen this tweet are saying that this golden character of yours is worthy of praise and that only Rajini appreciates good movies and this mind is truly God.
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Rajinikanth Praises Sasikumar’s Ayothi


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