Sivakarthikeyan: Sivakarthikeyan who offered to help Simbu: Director Venkat Prabhu is flexible! – director venkat prabhu says about sivkarthikeyan

Conference‘Is set to be Simbu’s biggest comeback film. Suresh Kamatchi In preparation, Venkat Prabhu Fans have been waiting for days for the release of this motion picture. The film, which was released in theaters last Thursday amidst various hurdles, has been receiving an overwhelming response from the fans.

The film crew announced that the film ‘Conference’ was released last Diwali. With the release of ‘Annatha’ on Diwali, there was great anticipation among the fans. But before Deepavali, it was announced that the release of ‘Conference’ has been postponed to November 25. Meanwhile, producer Suresh Kamatchi had regretted that the film would not be released tomorrow even before its release.

The continuous postponement of the ‘Conference’ film came as a shock to the fans. Controversy arose over whether there was political interference. The film ‘Conference’ was released in theaters on November 25 as planned after discussions between the financier and the producer.

Controversial Simbu’s’ conference following Jai Bhima: Fans shocked!
Speaking in an interview, director Venkat Prabhu said that after the news came out that the film ‘Conference’ would not be released, many film personalities came forward to help. Also the actor after knowing the ‘conference’ image problem Sivakarthikeyan Do you need any help calling at midnight? Venkat Prabhu said flexibly that he had inquired.

Kalyani has acted opposite Simbu in ‘Manadu’. The film stars SA Chandrasekhar, Bharathiraja, SJ Surya, Premji, Arvind Akash, YG Mahendran, Vagai Chandra Sehgar, Daniel Balaji, Manoj, Premji, Udaya and Karunakaran. It is noteworthy that everything is accumulating in the places where the film ‘Conference’ which was released last Thursday was screened.

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