suman ranganath: Suman Ranganath, who became a subbulakshmi in ‘petromax’ cinema – other actress suman ranganath cameo in vijaya prasad directorial petromax movie


  • Suman Ranganath is acting in a special role in the movie ‘Petromax’
  • Suman Ranganath to appear in Diglamor Roll
  • Vijay Prasad’s film ‘Petromax’ starring Neenasam Satish and Haripriya

Harish Basavaraj
Neenasam Sathish (Sathish NinasamAnd Vijay Prasad (Vijaya Prasad) Petromax of the Combination is the arrival of new artists to the cinema.

Neenasam Satish, Hyperemesis (Hariprriya) Petromax, starring many artists. Actress Suman Ranganath has joined the cast of ‘Petromax’ as the film is being released.

Kannada cinema ‘Dandupalya 4’ in record number of languages
Suman Ranganath (‘Sidlingu’, ‘Neer Dosa’ and ‘Thotapuri’) directed by Vijay PrasadSuman Ranganath) Acted. The combination of the two has continued, now also starring in ‘Petromax’.

‘Suman Ranganath’ plays ‘Subbulakshmi’ in ‘Petromax’. Chitradurga is a woman of origin who comes and goes in one song. Scenes with Vijayalakshmi Singh at Old Age Home. The shooting has begun from Thursday, ”said director Vijay Prasad.

Rajiv Kapoor’s death: Suman Ranganath!
‘Suman Ranganath is featured in the film Complete Deglamor Roll. He is an excellent artist. They get the same characters. I have written a different kind of character to break it. The director says that whatever the role, they will get justified Vijay Prasad.

“Actress Suman Ranganath is doing a very good role in our ‘Petromax’ cinema. His costume and look are very different from previous films, ”said director Vijay Prasad.

Sundari of Dandupalya became very difficult to play: Suman Ranganath
Suman Ranganath
Model cum actress Suman Ranganath has also acted in Kannada, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi films. Actress Suman Ranganath entered the world of color through the CBI Shankar Cinema which opened in 1989. As Shankar Nag’s CBI Shankar became a super hit, Suman Ranganath began looking for opportunities. Suman Ranganath has acted in Kannada films like ‘Bala Bombal’, ‘Doctor Krishna’, ‘Shantha Shishunala Sharifa’, ‘Nammura Hammeera’ and ‘Red Soorya’. Suman Ranganath then began to shine in Tollywood, Mollywood and Kollywood. Actress Suman Ranganath made her Bollywood debut with the film ‘Fareb’. Suman Ranganath returned to Sandalwood after the film ‘Bindas’ after Long Gap. Suman Ranganath then appeared in the films ‘Clever’, ‘Savari’, ‘Sidlingu’, ‘Shiva’, ‘Maina’, ‘Kavaludari’ and ‘Dandupalya 4’.

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